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    STATTEK aims to be the world's leading education data processing company. Our goal is to make college consultant process more quantifiable. STATTEK committed to counseling students and education institutions from around the world so that they can gain  their education achivements

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    STATTEK is proud to provide the online assessment system to evaluate students' acceptance rates to different colleges and universities. While big data analysis has  been applied to many industries, STATTEK tries to find a up-to-date solution to the education parts.

  • STATTEK is currently rebranding itself with a new Education Media platform. On this platform, we tries to invite education influencers and technology experts to share their experiences and visions. 

  • In partnership with US China Partnership Committee (UPC) and New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE), STATTEK will hold panel events regularly in New York City and Boston in near future.

  • STATTEK is concerned about analyzing and comparing the data related to the application process of studying in US. How to help students find their best fits? How to turn the data into a bridge connecting students and colleges? We tries to give a solution by establishing a quantitative system with multiple functional units. Our system is friendly with students, parents and agencies. 

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  • We want to hear your opinion. If you have any thoughts of our system, please let us know.


    For any other inquires such as education data access, business cooperation or investment, please contact us at info@stattek.com

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